ARID adaptor – enhances precision and safety in pressure control

With the double adaptor ARID, Baumer enables the combination of their MEX5 safety pressure gauge and their PBSN pressure transmitter.

Both instruments are designed for harsh industrial environments with high media temperatures where precision and failure-safety are particularly important. Therefore, the PBSN delivers high-accuracy process data as 4..20 mA output signals while the MEX5 gauge indicates the local pressure. As the MEX5 works on a mechanical basis with no need for electricity, it provides a fall-back option, ensuring that the process can still be controlled in case of a power cut. The resulting increase in process safety is particularly valuable in the harsh and potentially hazardous environments encountered in fields such as energy production, the petrochemical industries, and biotechnology.

The adaptor has one G½ or ½NPT2 connection on the process side and two G½ connections on the side of the measuring devices. It is made of stainless steel 316L and can operate at temperatures of -25..100 °C while being able to withstand pressures of up to 400 bar. The PBSN pressure transmitter delivers a 4..20 mA output signal which is more accurate in this pressure range than the current output signal of a mechanical pressure gauge equipped with an integrated 4..20 mA transmitter.

Since mechanical pressure gauges with integrated 4..20 mA transmitters are relatively expensive, the combination of two instruments through the ARID double adaptor offers a more economical solution. The fact that the ARID adaptor makes it possible to use two measuring instruments on only one pressure port on the process pipe saves further costs because the user is not required to provide additional pressure ports for the additional instrument.

Accuracy of up to 0.1 % F.S. – PBMN for High-Precision Pressure Measurement in Industrial Applications

With the PBMN product, Baumer offers a highly precise pressure transmitter for demanding applications in hydraulics or engine and vehicle construction.

The fully welded versions are available with an accuracy of up to 0.1 % F.S. The total error band is less than 0.4 % F.S. over the whole compensated temperature range. The transmitter can be easily configured with the FlexProgrammer.

As part of the modularly designed PB series, which can be adapted individually to customer needs, the PBMN is the high-end transmitter for demanding applications. Thanks to the seal-less construction, the measuring device can be used in many different media. The PBMN is suitable for measuring ranges from 0..100 mbar up to 0..1600 bar. It is based either on piezoresistive technology (for pressures below 40 bar) or on metal thin film technology (for pressures over 40 bar).

The PBMN features a high overpressure resistance and long-term stability (0.1 % F.S.) as well as a very high accuracy over the compensated temperature range from -40 °C up to +85 °C. It is available with accuracies of 0.1 %, 0.25 %, or 0.5 %. The total error band in the compensated temperature range is less than 0.4 % F.S. for the version with 0.1 % accuracy.

The measuring device is provided with several output signals (4..20mA, 0..10VDC, 0..5VDC) and stainless steel process connections. A number of options are available for the electrical connection as well. The PBMN is delivered programmed according to exact customer requirements, but it can easily be re-configured using the Baumer FlexProgrammer 9701. The measuring range is one of the adjustable parameters, and the zero point can be recalibrated as well.

At a glance: New oil & gas brochure

It is a long way from crude oil to the end product. Baumer as a trusted partner and industry expert knows about the demands of each exploration and production process and will support you throughout all project stages with absolutely reliable, high-performance sensor technology. Whether it comes to dependable process control in drilling and oil production, to reliable monitoring of the refining process or to transport and storage in compliance with the prevailing standards – you can always rely on the top-grade quality of Baumer Original Bourdon® Process Instruments.

Low emission natural gas I/P transducers meet new environmental regulations

Rotork Fairchild has refined its proven I/P (electric current to pressure) transducer technology to develop new models which exceed recently released government requirements for allowable natural gas emissions.

Rotork Fairchild TXI7850 explosion proof I/P transducers have long been approved for and utilised in natural gas operated instrumentation systems. The explosion proof evaluation of these units by underwriting agencies such as FM, ATEX and CSA™, using standards covering a constant fuel gas presence, ensures safe and reliable operation in the field with compressed natural gas as the supply medium.

In the USA new government regulations require all pneumatic controllers at the wellhead to have a maximum consumption of 6 SCFH (Standard Cubic Feet per Hour). In Canada and other countries, carbon credits can provide economic incentives to utilise low emission products, so the challenge is to provide controllers which reduce or eliminate these fugitive emissions.

The new Rotork Fairchild TXI7850 series maximum consumption levels are 3.6 SCFH for the 3-15 psi output range unit and 5.5 SCFH for the 6-30 psi range unit. These rates are for natural gas as a media and applicable all the way to the highest pressure in each range (i.e. 15 psi and 30 psi respectively).

As part of Rotork Instruments, Fairchild provides a complete range of regulators, boosters, I/P transducers and other products. Rotork Instruments can also provide fully approved switchboxes, positioners, solenoid valves and other actuation and severe service components to complete the automated flow control package.
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New Soldo switchbox has magnetic appeal

Available from Rotork Instruments, the Soldo Easy Switch hazardous area limit switchbox for manual valves is designed with minimal moving parts and magnetic switching technology for long-term reliability in the most demanding applications and hostile environments.

Available with a rugged polyster powder coated copper-free aluminium or 316L stainless steel housing, the Easy Switch design is adaptable to suit all manual valve types. Environmentally sealed to IP67 or IP68, the switchbox is ATEX and IECEx certified with optional SIL 2 approval.

The easy to mount magnetic target, featuring a durable glass reinforced magnetic holder, operates two magnetic sensors to provide precise electronic position feedback to the control room. A choice of hermetically sealed proximity switch options offer dependable performance for a wide range of power ratings at ambient temperatures ranging between -60°C and +105°C.

The ‘O’ ring sealed, threaded lid is designed for easy removal by hand and provides straightforward access to the wiring terminal block, whilst the option of a second conduit entry adds versatility to wiring configurations.

The Easy Switch is the latest addition to the established range of Soldo products designed to link the control room with process valves. Soldo has many years of technical expertise enabling the company to provide complete solutions for specialised applications, from product concept design and development through to the manufacture of finished products. All Soldo products are fully supported by Rotork’s worldwide sales and service network.
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Rotork Fairchild increases high pressure capacity of pneumatic regulator range

Rotork Fairchild has increased the high pressure capacity of its compact leak-free pneumatic regulators for instrument and industrial control applications with the introduction of a new HPP range.

A companion to the recently announced HPD diaphragm style range of regulators, the new HPP (High Pressure Piston) range incorporates a piston design to manage supply pressures up to 413 Bar (6,000 psi) at temperatures up to 260ºC and deliver high output pressures between 207 Bar (3,000 psi) and 69 Bar (1,000 psi).

The HPP high pressure performance complements that of the HPD, which will also manage supply pressures up to 413 Bar (6,000 psi) and accurately regulate lower output pressures down to between 35 Bar (500 psi) and 1.66 Bar (25 psi).

Constructed with 316 stainless steel bodies, the HPP and HPD ranges feature patent pending improved valve seat sealing that eliminates the risk of media leakage often associated with conventional high pressure regulators.

Both ranges are available with 6mm (¼”) ports in either 2 or 4 port configurations and in multiple output pressure ranges. Standard knobs can be replaced with tamper proof caps for high temperature and/or non-adjustment applications. Rotork Fairchild regulators can be mounted at the ports, the bottom surface or in panel mounted configurations.