Instrumentation Fittings & Valves

Sizes range from 1/16" to " and 2 mm to 38 mm. Diverse materials and configurations are available. Precision machined components ensure perfect deformation of the ferrules and tubing. Hardened threads with smooth surface finish avoid galling and help to extend the fitting service life. Female nut threads are silver-plated to reduce the friction against the body threads. Radius junction design with elbows provides smooth flow path. Every fitting is stamped with size, material, and heat code. Fittings are easy to disconnect and retighten.

High Pressure Fittings & Valves

Coned-and-Threaded Connection.
Metal-to-metal seal provides perfect leak-tight service from critical vacuum to high pressure. Anti-vibration connection components available. Fittings are easy to disconnect and retighten. Material is high tensile 316 stainless steel. Every fitting is stamped with size, material and heat code.

High Purity Gas Application

316L VIM-VAR stainless steel body is available. Suitable for ultrahigh-purity applications. Elgiloy material for strength and corrosion resistance for long cycle life. Fully contained PCTFE seat design provides excellent resistance to swelling and contamination. Wetted Surface Electropolished, Roughness Ra finished to an average of Ra5 μin.(0.13 μm) -9 3 Helium leak tested, maximum leak rate of 1x10 std cm /s. Low-pressure and high-pressure models. Manual or pneumatic actuation. Aluminum piston accelerated open/close speed. Different handle types and colors are available. Can be used in vacuum applications.